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Employee Wellness Summit For Law Firms & Professional Services

To: “Your boss or training manager”

From: “You”

Re: Attending the Employee Wellness Summit for Law Firms & Professional Services

I’d like approval to attend Momentum’s Employee Wellness Summit for Law Firms & Professional Services event taking place February 27-28, 2020 in Ft Lauderdale, FL. This will be 1 ½ full days of learning—best practices, training, and potential innovations for our organization to improve the livelihoods and productivity of our employees. It’s one of the only conferences each year that brings together the CHROs, VPs & Directors of Benefits & Well-Being and Managing Partners of Law Firms to discuss best practices of building firm-wide wellness programs focused on physical, mental and financial wellness to improve productivity and to attract and retain top talent. At a total cost of about $1,700 to attend, it’s the most cost-effective way to ensure that we have the most effective wellness program and it should result in immediate improvements and tangible ROI.

In addition, I will have the opportunity to earn CLE Hours (including Mental Health CLEs), SHRM and HRCi Continuing Education Hours.

In particular, I’d like to focus on finding solutions or best practices that could benefit these projects:

  • [add project or initiative]
  • [add project or initiative]
  • [add project or initiative]

In addition to sessions, the conference also offers the chance to visit with leading wellness technology and consulting vendors and discuss some of our issues and challenges. On top of that, it also is a great opportunity to network with other executives facing the same challenges that we do. This is the perfect place to pick up new ideas for our organization.

Here’s an approximate breakdown of conference costs:

Airfare: $350
Transportation: (round trip taxi from airport to hotel) $25
Hotel: (2 nights at $225) $450
Meals: (1 days at $30) $30
Registration Fee: $895
Total: $1,720

If I register by January 10th, that total would be reduced to $1420 – as I would be able to save $300 with the early-bird pricing.

I’m currently working on ways to reduce expenses, including ride sharing. I’ll submit a post-conference report that will include executive summary, major takeaways, tips, and a set of recommendations. I can also share relevant information with key personnel throughout the company.

Thank you for considering this request. I look forward to your reply.



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